Sunshine Coast MTB Videos

Sunshine Coast MTB Videos

I think that it was enviable that as a trail blogger that I became a Video Trail Blogger. Here is my page dedicated to showcase some of the fun trails of the Sunshine Coast.

Vimeo Channel 

I’ve started to use Vimeo as my video provider. Much better and less quirky.  Plus they don’t ban you when you use a copyright song in our video.

The latest video is my trip to the Chilcotins in Sept, 2016.

Day 1

Older video are below:

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Sprockids Park

Sprockids Park is full of some great trails worth filming.  The Capilano University runs a Mountain Bike Program to teach students how to build trail, maintain trail, Sustainable land management planning.  I find their students a passionate lot of individuals and the most dedicated to our sport.  Here’s some video of their endeavors over the years.

Fuzzy Hugs

Skoolz Out, Doug’s Detention and Lower Flume

Cap’s 2013 Trail, Doug’s Detention to Cap’s 2013 Trail (currently unnamed)

Here a little video from BC Bike Race

Coast Gravity Park – so fun!!!