I have a new passion – Its a new girl!!!

I have a new passion – Its a new girl!!!

The title of this post might mislead you into thinking that I re-entered father-hood.  Nope! A new girlfriend? Close!  I got a new bike – the Cove G-spot.  I have been looking for a bike for while but was not prepared to buy it as I swore that I wouldn’t (couldn’t) afford two passions.  Road riding and Mountain bike riding.

It started out with small ride with friends when I rode a Cove Hummer.  I was immediately hooked and bought a Brodie Awl for my son.  The brodie is a big free-ride/all mountain 5in travel bike, but is 35-36lb.  It was all I could do to ride up the hills.  The downhilling of the Brodie was like riding a lazy-boy and very good.  So I wanted a bike that could climb and had the plush travel downhilling.  Enter the G-Spot – its a better climber than Cove’s Hummer (XC bike) and has 6in of travel for the big downs.    Click this link to see G-Spot riding in Spain http://www.basquemtb.com/cove-g-spot-review/

I find it much better to post pictures of the bike build.  I haven’t named it but I’m sure that it will express its G-Spot-like sex appeal over the next couple of rides.  After the build i went for a ride around Sprockids Park and the ride was everything that I expected.  The one thing that stands out is the Reverb Post.  So much different to stopping to lower the post before a knarley downhill.

The G-Spot came as a Frame/Fork – DHX Air 5.0 is a really nice shock

1/4 way through the build – added the fork and stem.  

It took a awhile to figure out the cable routing for the Reverb post.  

The back half of the bike showing the 4-bar link and the DT340/Mavic 719 wheel

Bike build complete and trying out the bike on some local trails

The bike came with a Lyrik Fork RC2L DH.  The shock is
a U-Coil where you can lower the fork for better climbing.
The Cove branded DT 340 is nice! 

The best picture of all.  


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  1. Hello, I love Your Cove, Gspot; Im about to get one, but Im between sizes; Yours seems to be an small; I have to ask: How tall are You? and what stem lenght are You using?

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