Isagenix and the 2016 Test of Metal

Isagenix and the 2016 Test of Metal

2016-06-18 15.59.26
4 hours and 52 minutes of slogging in the 2016 Test of Metal and on a hard tail too. Ask any person that has done the “Test” and if they would do it on a hard tail – then watch their facial expression!

Its been quite a journey to get me to this point.  A special shout out to Ian and Nicole Emery that introduced me to the Isagenix system. I was super sceptical at first when Ian sat me down in 2015 and explained the system.  Over the last year, I saw the amazing transformation that Ian and Nicole went through, but the talk of drinking shakes, adaptogens, and cleansing seemed way too far from my craft beer drinking, take-out eating lifestyle.  I politely said not now as I knew that my mindset was not there.  Then about April 2016, I just finished building a new mountain bike trail ‘Phareline’, and finished one other over the winter. I stepped on the scale and it read 187 lbs.  I knew that I was unhealthy – I was snoring (I’m not a snorer); I was riding and I was last up the hill (I’m usually first) and was always tired. 187 lbs was probably the most I gained ever and I decided it was time for change.

2016-02-06 11.23.06
January 2016 – Building Phareline – 187lbs

I called Ian and said lets do this.  A week later, I was taking products with names so foreign to me at the time when now is so familiar. Right from the start the system was easy to follow. I downloaded an Isagenix app to help remind me when to have snacks or shakes until I settled into a routine.  I also chatted with Ian who coached me along about the cleansing and how should I use the products for workouts.  I found the cleansing tough (still do) and although Ian encouraged me to do 2 days instead one to give maximum results, I could only manage one.  That’s okay, I still saw results! The first 10 days I dropped a pound a day.  After my second week cleanse I was down to 170lbs – I was nervous that was too much – Ian assured me that was typical and the weight loss would slow down.  It did slow down to about a 2 lbs a week.  Did I stick to diet?  No, I went on shift but the best part was that I brought my shake mix for breakfast and lunch and went out for dinner with my colleagues.  Plus being a craft beer connoisseur, makes it tough to stick strictly with the diet. So, 3 months later?  I tipped the scales at 154.7lb!  My goal weight!  Isagenix makes losing weight pretty easy, plus even if you deviate from the diet, you can usually get back on it and continue to lose the weight.  Did it make a difference to my biking?  You bet!!  I had tons of energy and now use Isagenix Power, Amp and Replenish products to help me power my rides.  As a testament to the program, I competed in the Test of Metal on June 18th this year with no training and was a last minute addition. This race is 68km & 1500+plus of elevation gain that 1000 riders would consider one of their tougher mountain bike rides of the year (Sunshine Coaster is tougher) and a testament to one’s perseverance. For the race, I decided to use the Isagenix products for hydration, fuel and pre-workout.  How did I do?  Great and way better than I thought!  I downed a bottle of Power pre-workout mix just before the race, and filled out a 1litre water bottle on my bike and 2.5 litres in my hydration pack of Replenish for electrolytes.  Plus I had 5 Amp Fuel gel packs for fuel during the race.  In the 4th hour mark, I started to cramp in one leg and decided to down a water bottle.  In about 5 minutes, the cramps went away and finished strong!   2016-06-18 15.59.38 2016-06-18 16.05.04-1Thank you Ian and Nicole for the Isagenix journey and the great results I’ve achieved in both my health and in my riding. If you are like me about 3 months ago and want to see a change in your health and your body, then give Isagenix a try!  It’ll be the kick in the butt you need to gain control of your health and your life! Let’s do this!

2016-06-18 15.59.30
Just finished the 2016 Test of Metal – No training riding a hardtail – nailed it!



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