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Month: May 2016

Its not a competition out there on the trails!

Its not a competition out there on the trails!

2016-05-10 19.27.28Every now and then, my competition side of me comes out to play – Strava as ruined me!  Lately though I’ve been riding just to enjoy the trails and do a little exploring.  This week I had some work with a firm in Powell River and got out into the Penticton Maze trails.  Fairly flat riding with lots of twisty turns and old school loam building (aka rooty sections).  One of the main builders in the area is called the Wizard, but I just call him Ron. Ron has built up this maze right in his backyard and are of great quality.  I had to break out the GPS a couple of times but after a while, I just said Fuck it and end up turning right or left wherever the wind was taking me!  Exploring brought out the kid in me, where usually I would be hammering trying for KOM, I was looking for little kickers to get some airs and hip jumps.  I had a blast!!!  Thanks Ron for the fun!!!



2016-05-10 19.10.10 2016-05-10 20.14.14

2016 Quarterly Report

2016 Quarterly Report

Where has the first quarter of the year gone?  The winter season was filled with two trail projects – a climbing trail out of Langdale Creek and a loop trail around Wormy Lake. Also, it creates a hibernation of sorts from riding as a kind of starvation therapy to make one yearn for the wagon wheels once spring breaks.  First the Langdale Creek trail – In 1990’s when the trail was built, the Lunge was strictly a one way trail down to the creek from Sprockids Park to the Ferry. Now, a lot riders and hikers like going back up this steep trail to get back to their cars.  I and a couple of hardy few, built a longer switchback trail to ease our climbing efforts. 800m and took two months to build.

2015-11-21 11.51.38 2015-11-21 11.44.40 2015-11-21 09.40.492016-01-09 13.21.57 2016-01-09 11.45.05

January 1st marked the start of trail work on Phareline.  The burn in July 2015 took the life of a logger and friend, John Phare.  Originally when I wanted to build a trail around the Wormy Lake in 2015 and it was going to be called Warren’s Worm.  The project was shelved due to a lack of time but since the fire, many trails were built by the firefighters and much too tempting to be utilized and build new trail.  The fire removed a lot of the understory including all the salal.  This shrubby underbrush can create mats of roots that it makes difficult building.  In this burn ground, digging is pretty productive.

2016-01-30 12.03.10 2016-02-06 12.16.43


2016-01-30 12.27.12 2016-01-30 12.03.18

IMG_1977  IMG_1975


Phareline was born and there were several builders that came out to help.  Thank you!

The trail projects were all leading to the ultimate goal of hosting a 40km Sunshine Coaster Race. On April 1, we held this event in a new area and new venue!  Excellent weather and excellent work on our trails created a fabulous day for all!  I even got to shoot off the starting gun!  It was super loud!

2016-04-30 10.06.22 2016-04-25 18.35.47 2016-04-16 12.48.50

So that’s quick glance at my quarter year so far!  I’m looking forward this summer for some epic rides including a bikepacking weekend adventure.  Sunshine Coaster Facebook Page