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Month: May 2014

This Year’s Goal is….To Ride

This Year’s Goal is….To Ride

Its a pretty simple goal and a bit of cop-out.  Everyone needs goals to strive or reach for.  They make us better riders in skills or in fitness.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve chosen Granfondo’s, races and other self imposed events to help me keep motivated to do better.  At the end of season, I get burnt out and it takes all winter to get back the motivation to ride.  This year will be different for me.  Cycling is passion for me and to fuel that passion is to ride – ride with friends, ride different areas and trails and ride for life.  This goal keeps me motivated like you cannot imagine and I feel that it will help me enjoy cycling.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve in touch with old friends and met new ones.  I’ve been to areas like Squamish and thoroughly enjoyed those trails giving me a whole new set of skills and knowledge.  For me, this year is to ride smart (not dumb and get hurt) and to ride for me.  Plus I have other goals like losing weight that will often come secondary but a much needed achievement.

Cycling is my passion and riding is my goal.