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Month: October 2012

Ride to Lake 7 – Rainy River – Because its there!

Ride to Lake 7 – Rainy River – Because its there!

As a forester, I get rewarded with working in great area of the Sunshine Coast.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve helped the pulp mill reconstruct the road to Lake 7.  I always thought that this road would be a great MTB ride.  The terrain is unlike anywhere accessible on the coast and usually, if you know where to look, you may see Mountain Goats, lazily enjoying the sun on the other side of valley.

The road starts from the other side of the pulp mill and climbs steadily 1,150m to the lake.  The road is nothing to talk about except that is are some pretty punchy climbs.  My Strava profile has climbs of Cat 1 and 2 along its route.  Once you’re back in the headwaters, the mountains show their true-form and stunning beauty.

The 45% on the last hill at the dam puts you right on the dam looking at the amphitheater of rock and trees.  There was snow from the last winter and the water was way-down from what I was expecting.

A quick snack and down we went.  From being last up the hill (walking), my all-mountain 6″  bike came into its own and I was killing the loose and steep descents down.  Plan on 2 hours up and 45min down for the trip.


One those punchy climbs.  25% and lots of loose rock.  Yes I was walking. 

Couldn’t find the mountain goats, but the scenery was still stunning.

Tan enjoying the views. There was our designation in the middle of the picture.  

The final but steepest part of the ride – 25% steady grade  and loose conditions caused by ATV’s and  4×4 over-exuberance.  

Lake 7 was dammed by the pulp mill in the early 50’s with a tunnel that adds water when the mills needs it.  With this extended summer, the water is going full out.  

Standing on the dam.  Is that last winter’s snow? There was fresh ice on the lake in the shady portions of the lake.  

It’s a new season soon, but I can wait!

It’s a new season soon, but I can wait!

Well I just finished my first night ride last night and realised that this dry parch ground is going to become wet sopping mess. Will that be time to hang up the bike? Probably not. It will be time to put the fenders on, switch the tires and wear the leg warmers and jacket. Night rides are just part of this season.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the warm solitude of this Indian Summer and the gift it brings to us riders. Last night I saw a bard owl and was a little uncomfortable with riding along with the bats flying up and down the trail. It kind of freaked me out as they fly in and out of my tunnel vision of light going after the moths that my light attracts. They too will be readying themselves for winter I’m sure.

This long weekend calls for more sunny weather and I have a few rides planned just for a sunny occasion.


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