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Month: September 2012

It was a good summer, but now its back to enjoying the ride

It was a good summer, but now its back to enjoying the ride

After 4 months of nursing my shoulder back to health – yes I finally healed – Summer just kinda of came and went.  It wasn’t a total loss.  I was able to ride in Williams Lake a half dozen times and really enjoyed these trails.  Super flowy, lots of steep stuff (and I mean steep stuff), ladders, drops, platforms and such.

I was able to improve my skills, got faster and more fit.  I did enter one other race this year that helped me get over the mental part of my injury called the BRAT race.  It was great low key race that I can described it best as a pedally downhill.  It was great event to catch up with friends and have a great time riding.  Yes, I crashed – but my newly acquired knee pads has saved my white bloods cells from active duty this time.

I was riding the other day, and my friend said that he was considering hanging up the bike for the season.  I found that remark super surprising.  He was down on his Whistler Granfondo ride where he bonked about 20 clicks from the finished.  I told him that these warm fall days are a great blessing and we should step it down a bit and enjoy the scenery and conversation.  Doing so helps us rediscover why we ride which is hidden by competing and training all year.  Of course, we hammered the hills, but it was a lively conversation between the hills.  We  have probably one last ride planed during Thanksgiving and that will be about it for our road bikes.

The take home point today for me is “Ride for life and have fun doing so”  – Great advice!