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Terrace MTB Riding

Terrace MTB Riding

So for the last 6 months,  I’ve been on a project in Terrace, BC and wondered if I should take my bike.  I researched several websites on the trails and lurked Strava rides to gauge what sort of riding is available in Terrace.  A fabulous site was a ride review by Lee Lau from North Vancouver.  Lee put me in the right direction for choosing right path.

As part of my Strava lurking, I came across another Forester that worked in Terrace and rode the Terrace trails regularly. I quickly emailed him and we were setting a time and place to ride!  Ryan met me at the Terrace Mountain Trails system.  The system consists of hiking and mountain bike trails and they are almost all machine made.  Beautiful rock work and berms, kept me thoroughly entertained on our journey up.  Did I mentioned up?  Yes, I guess I did….Up is a relative term in Terrace.  The ups here are not gentle, and laced with rock cobbled (roman roads) armour trails, roots and greasy clay.  I spun several times with my hardtail versus Ryan’s Giant Reign which tended to roll over everything without the hint of wheel spin.

Up we went on the Flathead Trail (link) and over to the Steinhoe trail (link). The Steinhoe trail was built with small machine and I was surprised as I thought the trail was handbuilt.  The Steinhoe is much more flowy than Flathead and has a few grunty climbs. I was impressed with the quality of the trail workmanship with well planned flow, and no awkward turns.  Although Terrace doesn’t have an extensive trail network, give them time and I’m sure that all their trails will be as mind blowing as these two trail systems.


Flow on the Steinhoe!
Viewpoint on Flathead
One of many bridges on Steinhoe